Friday, February 7, 2014

Calculating Theoretical Power From Wind Turbine

We started from raw data output from anemometer and created histogram. Now we can use that processed data to calculate theoretical power from potential wind turbine.

From created histogram you can easily calculate theoretical and power and estimate energy production for given period or a whole year.

You can calculate theoretical power from wind turbine using one simple formula.


ρ - Air density [kg.m-3]
ν - Wind speed [m.s-1]
D - Diameter of wind turbine [m]

You can also multiple with cpcoefficient of performance (efficiency of wind turbine) to get real power output from wind turbine.

Using the spreadsheet we can easy calculate theoretical power from wind turbine.

In spreadsheet you only need to add data in "Variable data" field.

You can input the following data:

Diameter of wind turbine blades - in meters.
Air density - usually is 1.2 kg.m-3 but you can change to adopt it to your location.
Turbine efficiency - total efficiency of wind turbine in % (blades, generator, cables, inventor etc...) if you want to know energy production with efficiency.
Calculate for - the numbers of day you want to calculate energy production.

 Download spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc format (.ods).
 Download spreadsheet in MS Office Excel format (.xls).

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