Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wind Maps of Africa, Europe, South America, Central America

International Renewable Energy Agency have posted new maps with wind speed data for Africa, Europe, South America, Central America.

This maps shows wind speeds at 10 km resolution and 10 m height.

The wind maps have been developed and shared by the Spanish National Renewable Energy Center. The maps are calculated by simulating atmospheric conditions with the SKIRON mesoscale model. GFS 12 UTC cycle, from NCAR/NCEP is used as input. 

The calculation periods vary between the simulated areas. The SKIRON long-term simulation is launched to cover the full years, generating hourly maps to the entire simulated period. 

This methodology has been successfully validated with measurements spread over four continents. 

Detailed maps are available for Italy, Spain and Swaziland.

For Italy are available annual mean wind speed and specific production maps at four levels (25m 50m 75m and 100m) above ground and sea, with 1km spatial resolution.
For Swaziland is available wind data from five measurement stations in Swaziland.

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